Should I trim - or ‘prune’ - my plant?

Pruning, which means removing dead or damaged growth, and cutting back unruly or unwanted growth, can really help refresh your plants. It allows your plant to put all its energy into new growth, rather than waste energy on old leaves.

Some flowering plants will require ‘deadheading’, which involves snipping or pinching off dead flowers. Deadheading will usually encourage your plant to produce even more new flowers, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

If your plant develops brown tips to its leaves, you don't necessarily need to remove the leaf. For some plants, it's a perfectly natural thing and you can just trim off the brown part with clean scissors. If the whole leaf is brown, chop it off at the base, as it won't turn green again. If you do see brown tips, check the plant’s product page to see whether it’s a sign of poor health and, if necessary, review your care routine.


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