How can I control the shape or direction that my plant grows?

Some plants can be trained to grow in a certain way, which can serve to keep them healthy and control their look. For example, tall houseplants (such as Robin and Fidel) can be trimmed back to limit them to a certain height and encourage them to grow outwards rather than upwards.

Simply decide the height you’re after and cut back the branches to this point once in a while. This can also help to promote branching, which means the plant grows wider or thicker rather than taller.

Plants which are natural climbers, such as Rapunzel, appreciate a support to attach to along the way as they grow. For example, hang the tendrils along your wall using picture hooks, wire or string.

Other plants, like Chaz and Phil, grow vertically and so benefit from a support to attach to as they climb. You can use a moss pole, bamboo sticks or a metal trellis to give your plant some structure.

If you’re adding these to your plant’s pot you’ll need to use plant ties to keep them together at first, but after a while the plant will naturally start to use the support. Make sure not to tie it too tight as the ties might start to dig into the stems as your plant grows.


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